Don’t buy HomePlug / Powerline ethernet adapters

(Post summary: The real-world throughput of current generation Homeplug AV 200 Mbit/s powerline ethernet adapters in a modern house is woefully inadequate. Even wireless is much to be preferred, and can be had for cheaper. Read below for why.) Based on the superb price / performance ratio of the MSI ePower 200AV II kit as extolled by this comparative review (32 powerline adapters were tested), and especially the fact that in the test setup these adapters managed to attain 32 Mbit/s even in the bad case scenario (two different circuits, 100 metres of cable separating the two adapters), I purchased the MSI ePower 200AV+ II kit to replace a wireless link I currently have in my house between the second and third floors.

Sipura / Linksys / Cisco SPA3102 Voice Gateway in The Netherlands

After recently spending some hours configuring my new Cisco SPA3102 Voice Gateway with a Betamax SIP provider (voipbuster / voipstunt / voipcheap / and so forth, see for a full list of all Betamax providers) and the Dutch PSTN system, I thought I’d try and make your life easier by documenting the most important of the settings.With this box you can stick it to the man! The SPA3102 is connected to an existing router, so I have the Lan Setup set to Bridge, and have configured the Internet port (on the Router | Wan tab) with a suitable static IP.

International characters on the HTC Desire Z keyboard

I’m typing this up because it took me far too long to find, probably because I wasn’t using the right search terms, or because I was trying stupid key combinations… In any case, if you want to make international characters (that is, characters with accent marks, diacritics, trema (plural tremata), umlauts, eat that google!) such as ë, é, ê or even ö or ï and so forth on the HTC Desire Z hardware keyboard, you simply long press the base character.

HTC Desire Z: An in-depth and nerdy review.

This review differs from other HTC Desire Z reviews because I’ve actually been using this phone as my only smartphone quite intensively, and because I’m writing up, in great depth, my iopinion as a gadget-toting ex-Linux-zealot computer science nerd. Take that engadget! As many of you know, I was completely in love with my previous smartphone. Not surprising, seeing as the Nokia e71 is perfect, at least hardware-wise. However, partly due to Symbian (Nokia’s operating system) really dragging its heels (Nokia, does your mobile OS really have to feel like it teleported in from 1970?

Ubuntu 10.10 x86_64 on your Dell E6410 with NVS 3100m GPU

Well howdy hoo! This is the fastest and most painless guide to installing Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) x86_64 on your Dell E6410 laptop with NVS 3100m GPU. More specifically, installing Ubuntu 10.10 on this specific hardware configuration poses two problems: Blank (black, no backlight) display when booting with the install media, or, if you manage to get Linux on the machine, with the installation itself. Blank (black, no backlight) display when resuming from suspend to ram after having installed Ubuntu.