What are the vxlabs?

vxlabs = visual x laboratories, a boutique visualization, imaging and software engineering consultancy run by Dr Charl Botha.

The vx in vxlabs represents visual computing, visualization and sometimes just visual nerd. I work on solving hard problems with a combination of elegant computer science and practical engineering.


One thought on “What are the vxlabs?”

  1. Dear Doctor,
    I need help. When Jaxx updated to they had problems and us wallet holders waited 2 days before we could access it. In order to get the wallet back we needed the 12 word string. Somehow I have either misplaced or lost it. I’m 75 and things like this happen to me. I’ve tried to follow the advice laid out in your article about finding the 12 words without success. I’m running windows 7 and the Jaxx wallet is a chrome extension. I have not updated to so I’m thinking local storage holds the original 12 words. I’m good at following instructions but every query I try results in no path. If at all possible could you provide this path. I would be forever in you debt.

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