I had to use the ITEAD Studio XBee shield v1.1 with an Arduino m0 (SAMD21) board, which is a 3.3V board, whereas the most common Arduinos are 5V.

At the time of this writing, the shield’s website was not very clear on how exactly to set the jumpers (zone 5: “When operated in 3.3V, install the jumper” — which one?!), and the rest of the internet also did not seem to know.

Fortunately their support did eventually get around to my requests, and the setup seems to work, so now I can put this information online to help future travellers.

Keeping the “xbee shield v1.1” text the right side up, only the left jumper in zone 5 should be set. Here’s a photo of the shield mounted on an Arduino M0 clone:

For use with a 3.3V Arduino, only the left jumper in block 5 should be installed.

Here is the illustration that was sent by itead tech support:

Let me know in the comments what your experiences were with this shield!