The WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme was exactly what I needed to update the look and feel of the Visible Orbit project website, except for one thing: No sidebar on pages, only posts. For  the Visible Orbit website, having the site information and navigation visible on the page-heavy site is quite important:

Getting the sidebar to show on pages seems to be a popular question online. Besides just hacking the source, the only nicely packaged solution is this plugin by Joachim Jensen. However, for that to render correctly, you have to set page layout to “one column”, but that setting is exposed only if your front page is static, which is not the case for the Visible Orbit site.

Enter Twenty Seventeen VisOrb, a super simple child theme I made for the project which is able to fix this issue even for sites with “latest posts” as the front page, the WordPress default. Simply unpack the whole twentyseventeen-visorb directory in your wp-content/themes folder, and select the theme from the Appearance – Themes menu.