I’ve just activated CloudFlare (the free tier) for vxlabs.com, hoping to do even faster page loads. Most of my WordPress installations already use WP Super Cache to serve mostly static pages when you come here, but CloudFlare should speed this up even further via their content and network traffic optimization, and their servers dotted all over the globe.

Configuration was quite painless (you have to configure your domain’s DNS to point to CloudFlare’s servers, then a few settings using their web interface). It somehow missed my mail server’s DNS record when copying everything over, but that was quick to fix. (It also seems that the SSL-protected roundcube I have on another server in this domain now keeps on logging me out after 2 seconds, but I’m not 100% sure that that’s due to CloudFlare.)

In any case, I soon noticed that the MathJax equations in this post about level sets did not show up. Turns out you need to change the CloudFlare Performance Profile from “CDN + Full Optimizations” to “CDN + Basic Optimizations”, and then your equations should appear again.

In other words, do this:

to see this: