6 thoughts on “Skype on Linux: Premium subscription but NO group video and NO group screen sharing”

  1. I’ve recently started to give up on having my sister use Hangouts to chat with me (voice) – since on just about every call she insisted Skype works better and I’m simply tired of hearing that. (1-on-1 voice-only calling is perhaps a use case that Skype is heavily optimised for, and Hangouts not? Multi-user requirements a bit different than 1-on-1?) She says I break up when I’m talking to her with Hangouts. (I hear her quite well though.)

    Skype is forbidden in a number of companies due to its (former?) peer-to-peer nature also being a security concern – it punches through firewalls and if it’s running for a long time, could become a supernode if you have good bandwidth. Looks like ordinary users’ computers being used as supernodes is now ancient history though? (Things changed more than a year ago.) Considering: http://arstechnica.com/business/2012/05/skype-replaces-p2p-supernodes-with-linux-boxes-hosted-by-microsoft/

    More on Skype and PRISM:
    Though these days I’ve completely lost trust in mainstream media getting technical reporting accurate.

  2. I remember you posting somewhere a link to a video conferencing alternative (zero footprint?) but cannot find the post. Still curious to try it out however. Am I just remembering wrong or did you once post such a link?

  3. Are you using 32 bit linux? Skype say that is supported. I have failed to connect to groups using 64 bit version so now i am hoping to connect with 32 bit and have bought premium to test my connection before my next scheduled group call.

    1. With a 32 bit install I tested my ability to get group video with my premium skype and totally failed. Ipad also failed. So i guess that is it.

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