Stats for Huawei LTE Routers is a simple Android app to check the signal stats on the Huawei E5186 LTE router. It currently retrieves and displays four different measurements (RSRQ, RSRP, SINR, RSSI) as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 4.39.08 PM

In each case, it also reports on the quality of the signal, based on the available ranges for the different measurements. You can download the free Stats for Huawei LTE Routers form the Google Play Store.

To use:

  1. Enter the IP number or hostname of your Huawei LTE router. Common values are homerouter.cpe , or
  2. Tap the refresh button at the top right. A blue status bar should appear at the bottom indicating that it’s attempting to contact the router.
  3. If the hostname was correct, and the router is supported, you should see the gauges showing you real values.
  4. You can keep on tapping the button to update the settings. This is useful when you’re trying to fine-tune your antenna, or the placement of the router.

If you have any questions or remarks, please post them as comments to this page!


  • 2017-06-26: Version 1.3.0 is now on the Play Store. This has the often-requested auto-refresh option, and remembers your last successfully used IP number / hostname. Error reporting has also been improved.
  • 2016-06-27: Version 1.2.1 has just been pushed to the Play Store. This fixes a layout issue with the title bar, as well as a signal range handling error.
  • 2016-06-26: I have just pushed v1.2.0 to the Google Play Store. This has beta support for authentication and should support many more Huawei routers. The new app should have “v1.2.0” at the far right of its title bar. Please let me know in the comments here if it works or doesn’t work for you! (reviews / ratings on the market are of course appreciated!)