Stats for Huawei LTE Routers

Stats for Huawei LTE Routers is a simple Android app to check the signal stats on the Huawei E5186 LTE router. It currently retrieves and displays four different measurements (RSRQ, RSRP, SINR, RSSI) as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 4.39.08 PM

In each case, it also reports on the quality of the signal, based on the available ranges for the different measurements. You can download the free Stats for Huawei LTE Routers form the Google Play Store.

To use:

  1. Enter the IP number or hostname of your Huawei LTE router. Common values are homerouter.cpe , or
  2. Tap the refresh button at the top right. A blue status bar should appear at the bottom indicating that it’s attempting to contact the router.
  3. If the hostname was correct, and the router is supported, you should see the gauges showing you real values.
  4. You can keep on tapping the button to update the settings. This is useful when you’re trying to fine-tune your antenna, or the placement of the router.

If you have any questions or remarks, please post them as comments to this page!


  • 2017-06-26: Version 1.3.0 is now on the Play Store. This has the often-requested auto-refresh option, and remembers your last successfully used IP number / hostname. Error reporting has also been improved.
  • 2016-06-27: Version 1.2.1 has just been pushed to the Play Store. This fixes a layout issue with the title bar, as well as a signal range handling error.
  • 2016-06-26: I have just pushed v1.2.0 to the Google Play Store. This has beta support for authentication and should support many more Huawei routers. The new app should have “v1.2.0” at the far right of its title bar. Please let me know in the comments here if it works or doesn’t work for you! (reviews / ratings on the market are of course appreciated!)

73 thoughts on “Stats for Huawei LTE Routers”

  1. Hello, I have both b593-22 and E5186, I test your application but in my case don’t work.

    I have used the ip addres an tap the refresh button but the application remain with ” contacting router API”


    1. Thank you for testing!

      The blue “contacting” bar should disappear after a few seconds, either because results have come in, or because an error occurred, in which case you’ll see a red error bar.

      If the blue bar remains, that would be quite strange. It should really timeout at some stage… Are you 100% sure you have the correct IP address?

      Whatever the case may be, I will push a new version in the coming days with better error / connection status reporting. This should help in pinpointing these errors.

      1. Hi! If you can help me, I have a Huawei B315s-22 router, and my Steam Network at last is a permanent shot. So I found this app Stats for Huawei LTE Router, to see my signal and traffic! Traffic promises but does not signal, I do not know why, if you know and want help? Thank you very much! Sry, My English!

      2. Hello, I just acquired a B593s-22 and I receive the following error when I refresh:
        Unable to retrieve page for CSRF token. Could be due to incorrect hostname. : error – 404
        I used as it is my router IP.
        If use homerouter.cpe I get this error:
        Unable to extract CSRF token from page. This could be an incompatible router.

        Are you able to check and update if needed ?

        I have a second question:
        Would be there any possibility to control the Wi-Fi with your application, I mean setup hours where wifi in on and hours where Wi-Fi is off ? This feature is not available on the router.

        Thanks à lot

    2. Hey. Nice app but does not work on the B315s-936

      On chrome the router returns the values but on the app it just gives the blue message connecting to API.

  2. I have updated from the playstore the app.
    but the problem ramain, now with Huawei E5186 and b593-22 received invalid response from router

        1. That looks valid, the app should really work!

          Could you do a “show source” on that page and check that it’s valid XML?

          what *exactly* are you entering to the IP / hostname field in the app before pressing the refresh button?

          1. Hi there, having the same issue as this guy, blue “Contacting router API…” bar stays open and doesn’t display the stats.
            I’m putting into the address bar (no hidden spaces either end, I checked) which does actually return stats on my PC’s browser. returns:


            on IE, but displays properly on Chrome.
            Here’s the source on Chrome:

            The hilink app itself works and logs into the router API fine (prompts for password though) but I can’t see this info anywhere on it.

    1. I have not been able to find any good sources online concerning the (terrible, bad, good, excellent) ranges for RSSI. I do know that the Huawei does not go any higher than -51dBm, but that’s it.

      For the other three values on the other hand I was able to find good sources.

      If you know more, please let me know in these comments!

  3. I have the exactly same problem. “Received invalid response from router.” The router answers properly when using web browser.

  4. I have just tried the app but it does not work due to not allowing parameters where I can set my custom password for router access (the username will fixed at ‘admin’). If you can fix this and maybe have a GUI like LTEwatch option the app would be great.

  5. hi mate,
    B310s – still the same problem (Contacting router Api…), web and HiLink works.
    some help:
    web version goes first to /html/home.html
    this page sets cookie SessionID, so every next request (eg. /api/monitoring/status) needs this cookie, otherwise you get 125002 error code.

    1. Hi there kitemonkee,

      Thank you for your practical inputs, I do appreciate it!

      (I already have the relevant bits of code almost ready to go, including csrftoken handling and the Huawei requestverificationtoken handling, but your kind input just nudged me to put some more effort into integrating all of it 🙂

  6. maybe you should work on simple approach – just send request to html/home.html, get the SessionID cookie and send request to api/device/signal with the SessionID, and so on…
    my B310s web console is password protected, but these works for me without logging on.

    i’m a skilled developer, so i could do another tests for you, no problem.

  7. Hi everyone,

    I’ve just pushed v1.2.0 to the Play Store with beta authentication support. Please try it out and let me know here if it works or doesn’t work.

  8. still “Contacting router API…” and next issue with GUI – i must go landscape to access URL field under “Stats for Huawei LTE Routers” panel, which has 2 line of text for me (Xperia Z1 Compact/bigger text setting).

    my working “proof of concept” (some .NET):
    WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(“”);
    WebResponse response = request.GetResponse();
    string setCookie = response.Headers[HttpResponseHeader.SetCookie];
    int p;
    string sessionID = setCookie.Substring(
    p = setCookie.IndexOf(“SessionID=”),
    setCookie.IndexOf(“;”, p) – p);
    request = WebRequest.Create(“”);
    request.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.Cookie] = sessionID;
    response = request.GetResponse();
    XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
    string signalStrength = doc.SelectSingleNode(“response/SignalStrength”).InnerText;

    1. I have confirmed reports from other users that the app now works on their authed routers.

      Could you double-check that you entered into the URL bar? (my code is using a different documented approach, getting the CSRFToken and also the special auth token from the router. I would like to wait for more user reports before futzing more with it.)

      The layout issues have been fixed in v1.2.1 which has just been uploaded.

      1. OK, it is working now, tested on B310s-22 firmware 21.316.01.00.1291. my suspection is that it starts working after the operator changed my SIM card to LTE-enabled, but i’m not sure.
        i have few suggestions:
        1) app have to remember URL, now i have to change homerouter.cpe to on each start
        2) auto-refresh on selected interval (eg. 1 – 10 seconds, Menu>Interval)
        3) too much texts in GUI – see: (Xperia Z1 Compact
        – remove the version number from the toolbar panel and make it much smaller (put version under Menu>About)
        – remove Signal/Traffic buttons and put Traffic under Menu>Traffic – most of us using your app for signal info only (IMHO)
        – remove shortcut (RSRQ) explanations, or control their visibility from Menu, or put them to Menu>Help
        – change ‘Your level is’ to ‘level:’
        – layout what i would like 😉 ([ & | = graph colors):
        RSRQ level: excellent

  9. App stopped working from v1.2.0 and still does not work with v1.2.1. This is with a E5186. Simply responds with “Contacting router API…” and no response. Using the hostname or IP of the API does not make any difference.

    1. If pre-1.2.0 worked, and from 1.2.0 onwards it stopped working, it sounds like you’re on the auth-less older firmware.

      If you can confirm that pre-1.2.0 did work on your router, I could try to merge the old authless logic with the new code. This would not be ideal, because it would make error handling on the new firmwares more complicated.

      If you have a firmware upgrade pending (the router usually tells you this when you login to the web interface) you could consider accepting it. 🙂

      1. Checked that. No firmware upgrade available: “This version is up-to-date”. Currently running on the E5186s-61a. Searching around online I can’t find anywhere that states whether it is the latest version or not.

  10. Hi would it be possible to have this app ported to windows. Using maybe python (newest version 3.5).
    Currently using curl and wget to try and pull data from the router but running into error 125002. Would like to have a script to pull web traffic passed through the router.


  11. hi
    thanks, very nice . worked on 3372. but please chane defualt address to or make some settings to save router ip. changing ip each time is somehow annoying

  12. Hi, great idea, but the app (v1.2.1) can’t communicate with with my B593s-22. Android 5.0.1 on Galaxy S4 (GT-i9506). The router firmware V200R001B270D25SP01C07 from december 4, 2015 and apparently the newest version (router update and now says there is no newer version). I am actually on a 3G (H+) connection, since there is no LTE coverage yet. The app displays the blue bar “Contacting router API…” and stays that way forever – no error message! This happens when the phone is connected directly on the B395’s WiFi, or via the WiFi of a home router that is linked by cable to the B395. It happens with the default address, as well as with the numerical IP for the B395. It happens with the default password as well as with a custom password on the B395. I rebooted the phone – same results – and now I’m out of ideas for trying.

  13. V1.2.1. Nice app, but sadly not working with B315s. It retrieves Traffic, but Signal responds with “Contacting router API…” blue bar.

    1. Could you give more information on how exactly it does not work? Do you see any error messages, or does the blue “in progress” bar just stay on screen?

  14. Hi. I have a Huawei B315-936. The traffic information is presented immediately. Sadly the signal information does not work for me. Is it possible to make it work? Thanks.

    1. I have received conflicting reports for the B315. Some users confirm it works, some that it does not. My conclusion is that there are obviously different firmware version out in the wild. This is unfortunately very hard for me to diagnose and fix.

      What I will do is to try and improve the error reporting in the app so that I can diagnose the issue better.

  15. Dear App Inventor, 😉

    I love your product, it saved my life to fine tune the placement of my Huawei B310s-22 (you can add that one to your compatibility list).

    That’s for the “Signal” tab.
    However, the second tab, “Traffic”, it stays with the blue message “Contacting router API…” with no results showing up.

    It would be awesome to have that worked to (or to understand why it wouldn’t), but for the signal datas, it works fine.

    Maybe it lacks router authentification, as these datas are private ? In that case, can we push a login/pass through the IP field ?

    Thanks for your answer.

    1. The app is doing an intermediate sort of authentication that has so far enabled it to work on routers that it did not support before.

      However, I am unable to debug differences between the different firmware versions out there. In the next release (no idea when that will be) I’ll add more detailed error reporting.

  16. Hi,

    Love this app – has been very handy for testing different aerial types.

    I’ve discovered an interesting problem though. I initially used this app with a B315s-608 and everything worked fine. However, I’ve recently purchased a B315s-607 and seem to have struck a problem whereby the RSRP and RSRQ are retrieved without an issue but the retrieval of the SINR and RSSI results in a never-ending “waiting…” message. All the “traffic” stats are also retrieved without any problems, so I’m concluding that the app has no problems talking to the modem.

    Any ideas?

    Best Regards,

    Coen Willemse

  17. hi team at VX labs
    I have a huawei b315s 936 4G Router and i downloaded your “stats for huawei routers” app as it was advertised that it could retrieve the stats i was unable to retrieve rom the routers user interface page.
    i am suspicious that this app only works for those who actually can already access the signal strength info as some forum friends of mine have reported the app working on there setups with exactly the same router type as me, but with different firmwares. Their installations of this app works, but they already have access to the information in the user interface. I do not have this information in the user interface and the app doesnt work for me. This suggests the possibility that the app does nothing but regurgitate information which is already available and hence will only work for those people. Have i missed something or can i simply not see the SNR and signal strength info with this app?

    1. Hi there Jeremy Thompson,

      First off, kindness and politeness are 100% free, just like this app, so let’s apply it liberally!

      After doing a partial authentication trick which allows it to get this info on some routers where it otherwise would not, it accesses a number of documented API endpoints on the Huawei routers to get the info it needs, and then displays it in the UI for easy human consumption.

      In many cases, this is info that is not always displayed in the web interface. Even if it is, some people find it convenient having an app that gives them real-time feedback as they’re adjusting an antenna or whatnot.

      Unfortunately, there are so many of these routers and firmware variations floating around, there is no way for me to keep up with all of them. If the app does NOT work on your setup, you can try accessing for example the signal API endpoint (see further up in these comments) to see if your router allows that or not. Some people get different results depending on if they’re logged in or not.

      If the app does not work for you, you are of course welcome to a no questions asked 100% refund! 🙂

  18. I dont think i was being rude sir? I think you took the comment about regurgitating as an offence. No, that is the only word i could think of as to describe copy and pasting in the sentence i was writing. 😛
    Your post above this has helped a lot, and has returned me 3 figures..
    Can you elaborate on what they are?
    This is exactly what i get
    -68dBm -80dBm -12dB 2

    1. Try “view source” (Ctrl-U on many browsers) on that page which should give you the XML back. If you paste the XML here, we can try and figure out why the app is not able to interpret that output (it looks like the normal 4 signal strength figures).

      It could also be that the app’s authorisation trick is not sufficient for your router.

      1. So i think ive worked it out, i am receiving a 3G only signal, which is giving me figures for 3G not LTE. I have no idea how to interpret these figures and i was hoping the app would do it for me. Back to square one.

  19. can i request that in the description, tht it is emphasised that this is only for 4g signals. Sure it sais, “For LTE ROUTERS” but that includes ppl like me ,I have an LTE router. We, the common user; arent aware of the technical differences between receiving an LTE signal and a 3G signal.

  20. Hello,
    thanks for this application
    for b525, returned message : unable to extract CSRF token from page, This could be an incompatible router

  21. Hello Creator of this App Good Job Brother Ladt time ibwas using this App with Huawei E5770 it help me soo much but now i sold it i bought Huawei E5573-606 when i open the App it’s says Contacting router API… Blue Bar then Nothing Can You Please Fix it i will be soo Happy Wallah

    Thanks Yours


  22. Please add an option for the user to enter the correct password for the router.

    That is why so many people can not connect because they have changed the password on their router and you only use the default password.

    What is even worse is that the new routers do not allow the user to continue setup with the short default password “admin”, which means your app can never connect to their router.

    1. The app uses a different authentication which works on many of the Huawei routers even with non-default password setup.

      It is indeed possible that on some routers (the firmwares differ hugely) the current auth sequence is one of the many reasons it can’t connect.

      Long story short: I made this app available for the people who have routers similar to mine. I have very little time to work on functionality that supports different setups. However, I am planning to put the source to this app online soon so that enterprising users will be able to add these required features themselves.

      1. The router log responds with “incorrect password”. The protocol works but it requires the correct password to connect.

        1. Hi there Jimmy,

          Thanks for this extra information. I’ll try and put the app source code on github next week. Hopefully someone is up for the challenge! (it’s not that hard to implement, would just take a little time)

  23. Mi dispiace ma con B593 s12 Huawei non funziona..pur inserendo il corretto numero IP l’APP restituisce errore.

    i’m sorry but Huawei B593-S12 it does not works…also putting it the correct number IP..the APP says “unable to extract CSRF token from page. This could be an incompatible router”.

  24. Hi,

    To make this work in B525 and possibly other later models, you need to login into the router with username and password. Here’s bash script that reads api/device/signal, you can use this as a reference. 🙂

    Note the multiple pass sha256/base64 on the password..



    token=`curl -s –cookie-jar keksi “http://$modem_ip/html/home.html” | grep -i token | head -1 | cut -d”\”” -f 4`

    pass=`echo -n “$password”|sha256sum | awk -F’ ‘ ‘{printf($1)}’ |base64 -w0`
    passwd=`echo -n “$username$pass$token” |sha256sum | awk -F’ ‘ ‘{printf($1)}’ |base64 -w0`

    curl -s -b keksi –cookie-jar keksi -s -d “$username$passwd” “http://$modem_ip/api/user/login” –header “__RequestVerificationToken: $token”

    curl -s -b keksi “http://$modem_ip/api/device/signal”

    rm keksi

  25. Hi.

    Doesnt work on my B525s-23a on I have the “unable To extract CSRF token from page. This coule be an uncompatible router”

    Good luck

  26. Hi CP,

    I also have B525 and get

    Unable to extract CSRF token from page. This could be an incompatible router.

    Is is the login/password that is required ?

    Is it on githhub ? i would love to try my hand at fixing this !?



  27. Hello there,
    thanks for your useful app.
    but its not working probably for huawei b612-25d and b525
    please add this model to app supported device and inform me via email if its possible for you.
    Thank you in advance
    Good luck

    1. Thank you very much for the heads-up!

      I had missed an email in my inbox that “Google Play developers are required to declare in the Play Console whether their app is primarily directed to children under the age of 13 as defined by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).”

      … and so the app was temporarily removed by Google. I have now logged in, checked the checkbox and resubmitted. Should be available again soon.

      It’s on my todo list to just push the source to this app to github as open source. I don’t have this router anymore, so for me not so much reason to work on it anymore.

  28. It works with Huawei B310s-22.
    I can now search for the best reception place in the house and perform fine tuning on the external antennas to obtain the maximum possible signal strength/quality.

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